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Bespoke Automotive Services For Discerning Clients

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About Us

Welcome To Ribble Valley Automotive. Based just outside the picturesque village of Whalley, in the heart of the Ribble Valley, we are a small, independent company specialising in a range of automotive services. With a focus on enhancing vehicle functionality and aesthetics in order to improve the overall experience of ownership, we like to call it the art of 'automotive match-making'.

VW T6 Camper Hire Illustration

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Our new campervan hire service is now available


We offer a range of bespoke services for your car, motorcycle or commercial vehicle. Please click in the relevant tab below to learn more...

Car, Motorcycle & Van Customisation

From aftermarket bodykits, wheels and styling accessories to custom graphics and full vinyl wraps, we have the vision to make your car, motorcycle or van truly your own. Through carefully selected partners, we are also able to offer suspension and performance upgrades as well upholstery and re-trimming services. You don't have to go it alone either... we can help you design your dream ride and, with our practical expertise, we can make it a reality!

Camper Van & Trailer Conversions

Staycations are widely becoming the UK's getaway of choice and European road trips are as popular as ever with British holidaymakers. With one of our camper van or trailer conversions you can experience the true meaning of van life! There is no better way to realise your own self-expression or freedom than taking to the road in a camper van or motorhome, no matter whether you intend to venture into the wilds and live 'off-grid' for a week or tour around the many fabulous, well-facilitated campsites that the UK has to offer.

We carry out our own in-house, fully equipped camper conversions that we then offer for sale as well as converting customer vehicles to their exact specification using an existing donor vehicle. We can also source and supply a suitable donor vehicle based on an individual client's budget and requirements whilst ensuring mechanical and structural integrity and overall value for money.

Our future camper van and trailer conversions will not only be tailored towards the travel and leisure industries as we will be offering commercial opportunities going forwards so watch this space!

Campervan Rentals & Short Term Hire

We are excited to introduce this brand new service... not only do we convert our own vehicles and customer vehicles into camper vans, we have now launched our very own camper van rental service. We have invested in two brand new high specification VW T6.1 Transporters which are fully loaded and ready to hit the road! Hire one of our campers for as little as one night or for as long as you please. See our dedicated hire page for details and to make a booking.

Automotive Cosmetic Services

If you are looking to improve the appearance or aesthetics of your vehicle, you have come to the right place. We offer an extensive range of cosmetic services including:

Car & Motorcycle Detailing
Paint Correction & Machine Polishing
Ceramic Coatings For Paintwork, Wheels & Glass
Hydrophobic Protection For Leather, Fabric & Upholstery
Paint Protection Film (PPF)
Fabric Hood Re-colouring & Renovation
Headlamp Polishing
Leather Rejuvination
Engine & Suspension Cleansing
Chassis Sealants
Interior Deodorising
Brake Caliper Painting & Colour Change
Vinyl Wrapping, De-Chroming & Custom Graphics

We also offer SMART repairs (Small to Medium Area Repair Technology) for localised interior and exterior damage. These include:

Interior & Plastic Repairs
Leather & Trim Repairs
Wheel Repairs & Refurbishing
Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

As an IMI (Institute Of The Motor Industry) Accredited SMART Repairer and Master Detailer, you are always assured of a quality of workmanship and attention to detail which is second to none. Please see the section regarding our IMI Accreditations further down the page.

Vehicle Brokerage & Sales

Our unique vehicle brokerage service is a facility whereby we can either sell your current vehicle or source a new (to you) vehicle on your behalf, basically eliminating all the stresses, headaches and unnecessary costs that are associated with this time consuming process.

When it comes to buying a vehicle, we will do all the hard work for you by searching the market and using our industry contacts to find the right vehicle at the right price. We will negotiate a deal on your behalf, inspect the vehicle and carry out comprehensive HPI and mechanical checks to verify the vehicle's maintenance, MOT and ownership history (pre-owned vehicles) before you commit to purchase. If it's a new vehicle you are purchasing, we will receive a commission from the dealership so our involvement won't cost you a penny. In the case of a pre-owned vehicle, we charge a small percentage on top of the purchase price although this can often be subsidised by any discounts that we negotiate on your behalf!

If you are looking to sell a vehicle, we will manage the entire process, from the initial valuation stage to handing over the keys to your buyer. We will advertise and re-market the vehicle on the appropriate platforms to achieve the most cost effective return vs exposure whilst simultaneously approaching our trade contacts to generate interest and potentially secure a quick, hassle free offer. We will handle all sales enquiries, viewings and test drives throughout the process and eliminate those unwanted 'tyre kickers'. As a seller, you will have total peace of mind in the knowledge that we are working hard on your behalf to secure the best possible price for your car or motorcycle. In return, we charge a simple commission fee based on the value of your vehicle.

It has to be said, there are some major benefits in dealing with a broker, particularly when it comes to selling your vehicle. Firstly, as a broker, we can offer a number of conventionally 'dealer only' facilities to your buyer that you are unable to offer as a private seller. These include, but are not limited to:

A comprehensive motor trade insurance policy (so that any test drives or logistical issues can be handled appropriately and above board).
Extended warranties
HPI reporting
Mechanical inspections
Finance Recommendations

More significantly is the fact that we can carry out any professional detailing, cosmetic or mechanical services that may be required prior to selling your vehicle. Simply by machine polishing the paintwork, refurbishing the wheels or addressing any cosmetic issues, will invariably generate increased offers and, ultimately, a more handsome return.

Brokering the sale of your vehicle is, without doubt, the best way of achieving the optimum selling price and is more favourable, financially speaking, than either trading your vehicle in with a dealership or selling it privately.

Car & Motorcycle Transportation & Storage

If you need to get a vehicle from A to B, no matter whether it be for maintenance, storage, or if you made a sale or an acquisition, and you are looking for a reliable, fully insured and secure transportation service, then look no further. Ribble Valley Automotive have fully enclosed transport solutions for both cars and motorcycles and can deliver or collect from anywhere in the UK or throughout Europe.

Regardless of whether you are looking for short or long term storage for your car, motorcycle, camper van or motorhome, we can facilitate this for you. We will manage the entire process and look after any logistical or transportation issues that may apply. We can also offer scheduled maintenance and routine housekeeping services such as detailing, wheel rotation, engine running and battery conditioning.

If you are based in or around the Ribble valley and you have an immediate transportation or storage requirement, please get in touch.

Mechanical Services & Repairs

Although we do not profess to be fully fledged automotive engineers or dealership trained technicians, we do have fundamental qualifications, knowledge, several years experience and, most importantly, a passion for practical mechanics in general. On this basis, we offer simple routine maintenance, diagnostic and repair services for all types of vehicle. These include:

Vehicle Health Checks
Interim Servicing
General Component Replacement & Repairs
Fault Diagnostics
Battery Testing & Conditioning
Electrical Installation & Coding
ECU Remapping

If you have any of the above requirements or would like to enquire about a particular service, please just get in touch.

Workspace & Workshop Facilities

We offer a unique facility here within the Ribble Valley in that we have a dedicated, fully equipped workshop that you can hire on either a daily or half-daily basis. The workshop is the ideal size for carrying out routine DIY maintenance or cosmetic procedures on your car, motorcycle or small-mid sized commercial vehicle. The workshop is equipped with tools and facilities that will assist you in your project. Please see our dedicated page for further information.


As with most companies, particularly within our industry, we have a number of jobs on the go at any given time (not least because it wouldn’t be a financially viable business otherwise!). However, every 4-6 weeks, we have a ‘major’ project in our workshop. Currently, this is a high roof, long wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter that we are converting into a race transporter. The brief is as follows:-  

  • Suitable for grassroots motorsport such as karting or motocross..
  • Garage space with extending ramp for loading unloading cargo.
  • Plenty storage space for spare tyres, compressor, tools and equipment.
  • Three passenger seats with 4 Berth living quarters..
  • Shower, toilet, kitchen & relaxation facilities.

So, in a nutshell, not much work to do at all (no camper builder ever said)… better get on with it then!

RVA Custom Camper

Recent Works

Here are some of our recent projects. This is a new section of our website so plenty more will follow!

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What Our Clients Say

Our customers seem to be quite happy so we're doing something right! Here's what a few of them have to say...

A 'Total' Vehicle Management Solution

Regardless of whether we carry out the work in-house or through one of our strategic partners, Ribble Valley Automotive offer the most complete vehicle management solution.

Wheels & Brakes

Supply, fitting, In-house localised repairs or complete refurbishment to OEM specification, colour change, ceramic coatings, brake calliper painting.

Interior & Upholstery

Styling, fabric & leather re-trimming, detailing and hydrophobic protection, localised repairs, electrical installations, complete conversions.

RVA Sports Car Illustration

Engine, Chassis & Drivetrain

Routine maintenance & repairs, scheduled servicing, tuning and ECU remapping, engine bay detailing, chassis protection, suspension modifications.

Exterior & Bodywork

Styling, bodykits, detailing & paint correction, hydrophobic glass treatments, paint protection film & ceramic coatings, vinyl wrapping & graphics


Here are a few reasons why we think you should consider dealing with us...

Porsche From Above

Our philosophy is quite simple. We believe that the most important thing in any business is to listen to your customers and understand exactly what their needs are. We believe that we do this first and foremost and we then use our internal resources or those of carefully selected partners and specialist companies to deliver those needs or services. We will never under-deliver, we will always go out of our way to surpass our customers expectations if we possibly can. We will also look at how we can provide ‘added value’ by making suggestions or using our creative skills to introduce concepts that our customers may not already have considered. Any projects or work that we undertake will be given our utmost attention and carried out to the very best of our ability and without compromise. We also believe that, if things do go wrong – and occasionally they do (we are all human after all!) – good communication is the key and honesty is always the best policy. There are many companies out there that specialise in one discipline or another but we are quite unique in that our bespoke approach enables us to be a ‘one stop shop’ for all your automotive needs. So, that’s one contact that will look after and manage all of your requirements… that’s what you call ‘carrying the can’.

VW Transporter Illustration

Established in early 2019, Ribble Valley Automotive is a relatively new concept, however, our core team and key personnel have many years experience in the automotive industry. Cumulatively, we have a wealth of experience in vehicle sales, workshop and bodyshop techniques and cosmetic services such as SMART repairs and detailing. We are a small but functional team working in a close knit family run business and we are both proud and excited to be using our skills and diversifying into new markets such as camper van conversions and vehicle customisation. Most importantly, we are passionate about what we do and we treat each project or vehicle as though it were our own, purchased with our hard earned money!

Our sister company, ArmourFactory, has been successfully supplying and installing ceramic coatings, paint protection film and custom graphics for a number of years and have firmly established themselves within the industry as a leading supplier. As we share the same building, we are fortunate in that we can draw on their expertise and utilise their resources to further strengthen our service portfolio.

CCM Spitfire

One thing we can’t stand is poor service… non-communication, careless, not-my-problem or ‘it’ll do’ attitudes are, without doubt, one of the most frustrating aspects of everyday life. It might be a bold statement but we’re going to stick our heads on the block and come out and say it… It seems as though, here in the UK,  we suffer from this more than many other countries and it’s getting worse… like a pandemic (and we all know where that can lead us!). So, here at RVA, we have made it our mission to become ambassadors of the ‘good service’ cause and we are committed to providing a level of support to our customers that is second to none (yes, that old cliche!). We’re only a small team but we intrinsically understand how important good communication and customer satisfaction really is. On this basis, we give you our personal assurance that we will always do our best  – and we demand the same from our partners and suppliers so that we can deliver the goods at the end of the day. If we fall short, please tell us because it will be interpreted as constructive criticism… after all, the customer is always right! One thing’s for sure, you certainly won’t hear the words “on yer bike” when you put your trust in our company.

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IMI Accreditations

We are accredited by the Institute Of The Motor Industry (IMI) in the following disciplines...

SMART Repairs Icon

SMART Repairs

Localised bodywork, paint & trim repairs without having to visit the bodyshop.

Interior Repairs Icon

Interior Repairs

Fabric, upholstery & trim repairs, including plastics & modern materials.

Leather Repairs Icon

Leather Repairs

Leather seat, dashboard & trim repairs & re-colouring, inc. motorcycle leathers.

PDR Icon


Paintless Dent Removal for vehicle bodywork & metal automotive panels.

Master Detailer Icon

Master Detailer

The highest recognised quality standard for automotive detailing & paint correction.

ECU Remapping Icon

ECU Remapping

Unleash the true performance of your engine, both in terms of performance & economy.

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